Getting started

Welcome to the Numeral API reference!

Numeral turns your bank accounts into connected accounts.

The Numeral API is built around the following ressources:

  • Connected accounts - A connected account is a bank account connected through Numeral
  • Counterparties - An individual or organization you need to send money to or receive money from
  • Counterparty accounts - The bank account of a counterparty
  • Payment orders - A payment order sent to your bank from a connected account
  • Transactions - A debit or credit transaction on a connected account
  • Balances - The balance of a connected account
  • Reconciliations - A reconciliation between a payment and a transaction
  • Expected payments - A payment expected on a connected account
  • Virtual accounts - A virtual account linked to a connected account and assigned to a counterparty
  • Files - A file sent to or received from a connected bank, such as a payment file, a payment status report file, or an account statement file
  • Events - An event sent to your application through a webhook to notify you of a payment update, an account balance, a transaction booked, etc.

The following ressources are reserved to SEPA indirect participants:

  • Incoming payments - A payment received on a connected account
  • Returns - The return of a payment order or an incoming payment
  • Return requests - The request to return a payment order or an incoming payment
  • Inquiries - An inquiry related to a return request

Read through the API reference to learn how to integrate the Numeral API and be live in days.