SEPA reason codes

SEPA rulebooks mandate the reasons and corresponding reason codes that must be used to reject payments or send returns.

AB05TimeoutCreditorAgentTransaction stopped due to timeout at the creditor agent.
AC01IncorrectAccountNumberFormat of the account number specified is not correct.
AC03InvalidCreditorAccountNumberWrong IBAN in SCT.
AC04ClosedAccountNumberAccount number specified has been closed on the bank of account's books.
AC06BlockedAccountAccount specified is blocked, prohibiting posting of transactions against it.
AC13InvalidDebtorAccountTypeDebtor account type is missing or invalid.
AC14InvalidAgentAn agent in the payment chain is invalid.
AC15AccountDetailsChangedAccount details have changed.
AC16AccountInSequestrationAccount is in sequestration.
AC17AccountInLiquidationAccount is in liquidation.
AG01TransactionForbiddenTransaction forbidden on this type of account (formerly NoAgreement).
AG02InvalidBankOperationCodeBank operation code specified in the message is not valid for receiver.
AM01ZeroAmountSpecified message amount is equal to zero.
AM02NotAllowedAmountSpecific transaction/message amount is greater than allowed maximum.
AM03NotAllowedCurrencySpecified message amount is an non processable currency outside of existing agreement.
AM04InsufficientFundsAmount of funds available to cover specified message amount is insufficient.
AM06TooLowAmountSpecified transaction amount is less than agreed minimum.
AM07BlockedAmountAmount specified in message has been blocked by regulatory authorities.
AM09WrongAmountAmount received is not the amount agreed or expected
AM10InvalidControlSumSum of instructed amounts does not equal the control sum.
ARDTAlreadyReturnedTransactionAlready returned original SCT.
BE01InconsistentWithEndCustomerIdentification of end customer is not consistent with associated account number (formerly CreditorConsistency).
BE04MissingCreditorAddressSpecification of creditor's address, which is required for payment, is missing/not correct (formerly IncorrectCreditorAddress).
BE05UnrecognisedInitiatingPartyParty who initiated the message is not recognised by the end customer.
BE06UnknownEndCustomerEnd customer specified is not known at associated sort / national bank code or does no longer exist in the books.
BE07MissingDebtorAddressSpecification of debtor's address, which is required for payment, is missing / not correct.
BE08BankErrorReturned as a result of a bank error.
CN01AuthorisationCancelledAuthorisation is cancelled.
CNORCreditorBankIsNotRegisteredCreditor bank is not registered under this BIC in the CSM.
CURRIncorrectCurrencyCurrency of the payment is incorrect.
CUSTRequestedByCustomerCancellation requested by the debtor.
DNORDebtorBankIsNotRegisteredDebtor bank is not registered under this BIC in the CSM.
DS28ReturnForTechnicalReasonReturn following technical problems resulting in erroneous transaction.
DT01InvalidDateInvalid date (eg, wrong settlement date).
ED01CorrespondentBankNotPossibleCorrespondent bank not possible.
ED03BalanceInfoRequestBalance of payments complementary info is requested.
ED05SettlementFailedSettlement of the transaction has failed.
EMVLEMVLiabilityShiftThe card payment is fraudulent and was not processed with EMV technology for an EMV card.
ERINERIOptionNotSupportedThe extended remittance information (ERI) option is not supported.
FF01InvalidFileFormatOperation / transaction code incorrect, invalid file format.
FF05InvalidLocalInstrumentCodeLocal Instrument code is missing or invalid.
FOCRFollowingCancellationRequestReturn following a cancellation request.
FR01FraudReturned as a result of fraud.
FRTRFinalResponseMandateCancelledFinal response / tracking is recalled as mandate is cancelled.
MD01NoMandateNo mandate.
MD02MissingMandatoryInformationInMandateMandate related information data required by the scheme is missing.
MD06RefundRequestByEndCustomerReturn of funds requested by end customer.
MD07EndCustomerDeceasedEnd customer is deceased.
MS02NotSpecifiedReasonCustomerGeneratedReason has not been specified by end customer.
MS03NotSpecifiedReasonAgentGeneratedReason has not been specified by agent.
NARRNarrativeReason is provided as narrative information in the additional reason information.
NOASNoAnswerFromCustomerNo response from Beneficiary.
NOCMNotCompliantCustomer account is not compliant with regulatory requirements, for example FICA (in South Africa) or any other regulatory requirements which render an account inactive for certain processing.
NOORNoOriginalTransactionReceivedOriginal SCT never received.
PINLPINLiabilityShiftThe card payment is fraudulent (lost and stolen fraud) and was processed as EMV transaction without PIN verification.
RC01BankIdentifierIncorrectBank Identifier code specified in the message has an incorrect format (formerly IncorrectFormatForRoutingCode).
RC07InvalidCreditorBICIdentifierIncorrect BIC of the beneficiary bank in the SCTR.
RF01NotUniqueTransactionReferenceTransaction reference is not unique within the message.
RR01MissingDebtorAccountOrIdentificationSpecification of the debtor’s account or unique identification needed for reasons of regulatory requirements is insufficient or missing.
RR02MissingDebtorNameOrAddressSpecification of the debtor’s name and/or address needed for regulatory requirements is insufficient or missing.
RR03MissingCreditorNameOrAddressSpecification of the creditor’s name and/or address needed for regulatory requirements is insufficient or missing.
RR04RegulatoryReasonRegulatory reason.
RUTAReturnUponUnableToApplyReturn following investigation request and no remediation possible.
SL01SpecificServiceOfferedByDebtorAgentDue to specific service offered by the debtor agent.
SL02SpecificServiceOfferedByCreditorAgentDue to specific service offered by the creditor agent.
SL11CreditorNotOnWhitelistOfDebtorWhitelisting service offered by the debtor agent; debtor has not included the creditor on its whitelist (yet). In the whitelist, the debtor may list all allowed creditors to debit debtor bank account.
SL12CreditorOnBlacklistOfDebtorBlacklisting service offered by the debtor agent. Debtor included the creditor on his blacklist. In the blacklist, the debtor may list all creditors not allowed to debit debtor bank account.
Due to maximum allowed direct debit transactions per period service offered by the debtor agent.
Due to maximum allowed direct debit transaction amount service offered by the debtor agent.
SP01PaymentStoppedPayment is stopped by account holder.
SP02PreviouslyStoppedPreviously stopped by means of a stop payment advise.
SVNRServiceNotRenderedThe card payment is returned since a cash amount rendered was not correct or goods or a service was not rendered to the customer, e.g. in an e-commerce situation.
TM01CutOffTimeAssociated message was received after agreed processing cut-off time.
TRACRemovedFromTrackingReturn following direct debit being removed from tracking process.
UPAYUnduePaymentPayment is not justified.