Add a webhook

Numeral uses webhooks to notify your application when an event is created. Webhooks are particularly helpful for asynchronous events, such as a payment being executed by the bank or an account statement being received from a bank.

Events are created when an object is created or updated, either by a user using the API or the dashboard or by Numeral. An update can be the update of any attribute, such as a status, a date, or any other data.

For each event, Numeral will send a POST request to your API endpoint in JSON format. This API request contains an event object.

In order to use webhooks, you should create an API endpoint on your server and register it using the Numeral's dashboard. To register an API endpoint:

By default, all event topics and types will be sent to your API endpoint. If you would like to only receive specific event topics or types, please contact us at [email protected].