Numeral collects account statements from banks and extracts balances of connected accounts.

Balance object

A balance has a type, debit or credit direction, amount, connected account, and created_at date. The date is the date of the balance, while the created_at date is the date at which the balance has been collected from the bank and created by Numeral.

  "id": "210910eb-a84a-40f6-ac68-7a2c18d62692",
  "object": "balance",
  "connected_account": "ff1714ae-3ec8-450d-984c-c6ee44c82a88",
  "direction": "credit",
  "amount": 1200000,
  "currency": "EUR",
  "type": "opening_available",
  "date": "2022-01-03",
  "bank_data": {
    "file_id": "26f4ca1c-65b0-412f-b464-206721d1e6d8",
    "statement_id": "STS-C4RR9YPLL0HHIFFHR-D8CEX3"
  "created_at": "2022-01-03T00:11:07Z"

Types of balances

Banks calculate and provide multiple types of balances. The most common types include:

opening_availableBalance available at the beginning of the period.
closing_availableBalance available at the end of the period.
opening_bookedBalance booked at the beginning of the period.
closing_bookedBalance booked at the end of the period.

Searching balances

You can use the List all balances feature to retrieve balances.

The connected_account, type, start_date, and end_date query parameters let you filter for specific balances.

To learn more about balances, check the Balance object.