Payment methods supported

Numeral currently supports the following payment methods:

  • SEPA credit transfer (SCT) (live)
  • SEPA instant credit transfer (SCT Inst) (live)
  • SEPA direct debit (SDD) (live)
  • Bacs direct credit (live)
  • Faster payments (live)

We also plan to support the following payment methods:

  • Bacs direct debit (planned)
  • SWIFT (planned)
  • CHAPS (planned)

Payment method can be specified when creating a payment order, based on the following combinations:

Payment methodPayment order typePayment order direction
SEPA credit transfersepacredit
SEPA instant credit transfersepa_instantcredit
SEPA direct debitsepa_instantdebit
Bacs direct creditbacscredit
Bacs direct debitbacsdebit
Faster Paymentsfpscredit


You do not see a payment method you are interested in? Please contact us.